Be prepared for these questions about EV cars

June 4, 2019

Be prepared for these questions about EV cars

Electric cars, while sales continue to be on the rise, are still not all that popular in the UK.

Be prepared for these questions about EV cars

206,000 plug-in cars are currently registered in the UK – which is a massive increase from the 3,500 in 2013 – but nothing compared to the 38.2 million vehicles on UK roads overall.

Some of the most common questions asked about electric cars are:

1. Is it possible to change the sound of an electric car’s engine?

Some people might enjoy the idea of fixing their electric car’s engine to sound more impressive – maybe something like a Porsche! This is a standard agreed across manufacturers to ensure all pedestrians know that the car is there. However, there is only one sound permitted, mixing white noise and tonal sounds, much like a normal engine. In other words – no, you cannot make your car sound like your sports car fantasy.

2. Do the batteries wear out over time?

The cycle of batteries – the capacity lost as they are charged and recharged – can reduce length of life, for example in smartphones, after a length of time. This is the same as electric car batteries. However, they deteriorate so slowly that 75% of the original battery performance will still be intact after 100,000 miles. Some cars come with a manufacturer’s guarantee to replace the battery after a certain level.

Be prepared for these questions about EV cars

3.Can your speed affect the driving range?

If you accelerate hard, you will use more power than you would driving steadily. However, this can be true of normal engines running on a tank of fuel – frequently accelerating hard will waste power. Proof of steady driving can affect your motor trade insurance so talk to about your options.

4. Can electric cars be jump-started?

Plug-in or standard hybrids can be jump-started, but pure-electric cars cannot and need charge. Some vehicles can’t be jumped from hybrid or electric cars either, so check the manual before you try.

5. Will an electric car tow a caravan?

If this a deal breaker for you, you will need to limit your options to certain models, as not all manufacturers have them certified for towing. Electric models are usually heavier due to the battery, which can affect efficient braking. Some models suitable for towing include Audis, Mitsubishis and Volvos.

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